Griha Shiksha Kendra

(Research, Demonstration and Training Centre for aligning education with Sustainability)

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Publications and Research Work

1. “Griha Shiksha Digests” – 22 Issues

The Digests cover topics related to school education as well as case studies of self-learners. Only soft copies are available as these were e-publications.

2. Vision Documents on “Mission Sustainable India” – 3 Volumes

Griha Shiksha Kendra is a demonstration project for “Sustainable Education” under Mission Sustainable India (MSI)

The MSI takes forward the concepts of Sustainability in a unique way by aligning all activities with 5Ps of Sustainability and ensures that all the dimensions are allocated equal budget, time, attention and importance. The recommendations have been elaborated in the form of Vision Documents in 4 volumes. The topics covered in each volume published by Griha Shiksha Kendra are as given below:

1. Volume-1 : Sustainable Citizenship, Governance, Bureaucracy and Judiciary.

2. Volume-2 : Sustainable Mass Media, Education, Habitat, Health and Food.

3. Volume-3 :Sustainable Energy, Water, Transportation, Manufacturing & Production and Tourism.

4. Volume-4 : This is specific action points and is to be prepared by the different stake holders.

Hard copies of Volume-1 to 3 are available on Amazon, Flipcart and through the publishers Zorba Publications.

3. Research work on School education is available in soft copies and has been compiled in a 16 GB Pen Drive.
4. Posters designed for general sensitisation and activities are available in soft copies.

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