Griha Shiksha Kendra

(Research, Demonstration and Training Centre for aligning education with Sustainability)

Dear Parents,
Your Child Needs "Shiksha Fifty-Fifty" and
Griha Shiksha Kendra can help you!


Courses/Training Programmes offered

1. Implementing “Whole Universe Is Our Classroom” -Integrating Non-formal and Informal systems of learning with formal school education system.

2. Aligning concepts of 5 Ps of sustainable development with education as required under the National Education Plolicy-2020 as part of Goal-4 (Quality Education) of UN Sustainable Development Goals-2030.

3. “Learning the Art of Self-learning” -Engaging children to help them explore how to be a Self-learner to realize the ‘Aims of Education’.

4. Practical sessions for integrated learning of all subjects and life skills at Home and outside.

5. Helping the parents for KYC (“Know Your Child”) for better planning of their education.

6. Learning to live a Sustainable Lifestyle with theory and practical demonstrations.

7. Training Programmes for starting of Griha Shiksha Kendra.

Notes :

1. Time for the Sessions : 0900 to 1200 Hours

2. The fee can be paid in monetary or non-monetary or in combination as per the 5Ps structure.

3. The sessions can be conducted both Off-line and as well as Online.

4. One Room is available for family stay at our GSK Centre, Bhopal with vegetarian food on chargeable basis.

5. Local Group Tours can be arranged on actual expenses sharing basis.

6. Please WhatsApp no. 9039308929 or Write to for further details