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Open Invitation to all Schools

The School Management

Subject: Invitation for support on “Sustainable Education”.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We invite you to avail our offer as follows:

1. Capacity Building of the Teachers and Support staff on the concepts of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Lifestyle.

2. Providing contents related to Sustainable Education to meet the requirements as specified under the UN SD Goals, National Education Policy-2020, National Curriculum Frameworks or any other guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

3. Providing contents and support for hands-on, practical and experiential learning of the students for aligning education with 5 Ps of Sustainability.

4. Providing child and family specific support for assessments and evaluation for effective learning.

We shall devote one month without any monetary considerations except for reimbursement of actual expenses on travel, printouts, and publications etc.

After completion of the one month or as mutually agreed, we shall decide the future course of action as per mutually agreed terms. If you agree to our offer then, a Non-Disclosure Agreement in the attached format has to be signed.

Looking forward to your positive response,

With best regards,For,
Griha Shiksha Kendra

(Sunil Kumar Sood)
Chief Sustainability Educator

Enclosure: Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement