Griha Shiksha Kendra

(Research, Demonstration and Training Centre for aligning education with Sustainability)

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Griha Shiksha Kendra

Griha Shiksha Kendra (GSK) is a replicable and unique model of Research, Development and Demonstration Centre on Education combining formal, non-formal and informal systems with curriculum framework focused on Sustainability and Pedagogy based on “Whole Universe is our Class Room”. Being a model of ‘Sustainable Education’, it relies mostly on existing un-utilised resources and expertise while putting the children on self-learning path. The Model also envisages active involvement of senior / retired citizens ensuring the inter-generational and cultural learning

The planning of the centre was done in Bengaluru during 2018-19 and the demonstration centre was set up at Bhopal and inaugurated on 14th December, 2019. This centre also functions as a model activities and facilitation centre to provide an opportunity to self-learners to address several issues faced by them such as lack of socializing and guidance, outdoor activities, books, mentors etc. and to facilitate creation of communities and their replication.


Sunil Kumar Sood, Promoter

Sunil is a mechanical engineering graduate from MACT Bhopal, 1977 batch, He has over 45 years of experience in HVAC, Air Pollution Control, Energy Conservation, Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development and Education.

He has been very actively participating in social and environment related issues such as waste management, water conservation, tree plantation, air pollution and traffic related matters. He has been part of several groups and organisations and helped them understand the concepts of energy management and sustainability.

He has been promoting several ideas and innovative concepts designed to mainstream sustainability and pioneered a ground level initiative on “Home Energy & Resources Management for Sustainable Development”.

He has published several articles and magazines (The Urja Watch, HEM News etc.) and conducted many workshops, training programmes, and awareness sessions. He has also been very active on various social media platforms.

Some of his major initiatives include :
2006: Promoted Indian Association of Energy Management (All India Association of Certified Energy Managers and Energy Auditors)
2010 : Promoted LCG Energy Consultants Private Limited ( To provide a for-profit platform to IAEMP Members)
2013 : Promoted a Scheme : Kaun Banega Conservepati
2016 : Promoted Green Duniya ( Sustainability Gift Shoppe)
2017 : Promoted Association of Green Industries and Services 3
2018 : Promoted Bengaluru Green Roadies
2019 : Promoted ‘Griha Shiksha Kendra’ (Sustainable Education At Home)
2020 : Started ‘Mission Sustainable India’, and
2021 : BEE Friends group formed
2022: Published Vision Documents on ‘Mission Sustainable India’

Our Team


Sadiya Saleh

Dy.Leader,Curriculum Team, Chennai

Sadiya is a special educator since 1992 in Chennai. Trained in all fields of therapy to work holistically with people with special needs and children in mainstream schools; kids with special needs who required alternative education and at times home based. She enjoys supporting people working towards alternative education, teaching, gardening, promoting good health through using organic foods.


Suchindra Chandrahas

Member,Curriculum Team,Bengaluru

Suchindra is a software engineer by profession. He has about 22 years’ experience in software industry. He has worked in various areas such as Security, Testing, Programming and Automation. He has worked as Software Engineer, Consultant and Security Champion in various organizations.

The Investors and Supporters since 2019 till date

Major Investors

1. Mr R. Vaidyanathan, Delhi

2. Dr. P.P. Mittal, Delhi

3. Mr. Pramod Srinivas, Bengaluru

4. Dr. Jaisheela, Bengaluru

5. Mr.N.D.Raghuram Bhumitra, Guntur

6. Mrs. Nirmala Ramesh, Coimbatore

7. Mr. Arvind Bhalerao,Nagpur

8. Mrs Sudha Koride, Hyderabad

9. Mr Bibhu Swain,Bhubneshwar

10. Mr. Ravi Limaye,Bhopal

11. Mrs. Shikha Shukla, Kanpur

12. Mrs. Sadiya Saleh, Bengaluru

13. Mrs. Bhanu Pradeep, Hyderabad

14. Mr Suchindra Chandrahas, Bengaluru

15. Mrs. Nitya Subramanium, TN

16. Mrs. Madhu Konduru,Bengaluru

17. Mrs. Neha Sood,London, UK

Other financial contributors

1. Ms. Nidhi Sood, Bhopal

2. Ms. Radhika Sood,Bhopal

3. Mrs.Shraddha Pingale, Bengaluru

4. Mr.Balaiah Santhapuram, Hyderabad

5. Mr. Andrew Vijayan, Benglauru

6. Mr. Vijay Patidar, Indore

7. Mr. Karthik Subramanian, Bengaluru

8. Mr. Ashok B.P.Mysore

9. Mr. Sujeet, Bengaluru

10. Mrs.Parijatha

11. Mrs. Shreya Okhade,Bengaluru

12. Mrs. Sreekrishna, Kakinada

13. Mr. Jeetu Dhanwani, Delhi

14. Mrs. Anitha Banthia

15. Mrs. Anjali Suri

16. Mrs. Savitha, Bengaluru

17. Mr. Sandeep Nisal, Nagpur

18. Mr Satyanarayana B, Hyderabad

19. Mr. A.R.Murthy, Bengaluru

20. Mrs. Kulraj Mohan,Bengaluru