Griha Shiksha Kendra

(Research, Demonstration and Training Centre for aligning education with Sustainability)

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Age 0-1/Infancy

This is age of the active brain development. Physiological growth and immunity building of the child happens during this time. The child learns to eat natural healthy food, and develops body balance and locomotor skill. A healthy child is always at peace with him and plays with himself.

A child can learn to swim by himself upto 4 months of age and upto 6 months his auditory abilities can pick any language of the world. The more number of people interacts with him at this age the faster he picks up words and sentences.

His main learning happens through listening sound , by observing the world around him and by touch ,taste and smell.

The child must come in contact with water, earth, green grass, fresh air and see natural colours and open spaces to set his vision for near and far. A child is a life that sprouts from the planet and all children can happily engage in natural settings. He loves solid and bright colours and becomes happy on seeing bright reds, yellows , blues and greens.

Interaction with different members of the family brings prosperity to the child instead of just his mother interacting with him. More the number of people the child sees , more active he / she becomes in terms of body movement and language development. A lone child learns much slowly than a child who is brought up in partnership of many individuals.

A child of this age is blissfully connected with the planet’s biological rhythms like waking with day break , falling asleep with dusk and loves sounds of birds , leaves , wind , water , rain , dewdrops and trees. He is generally at peace in presence of his mother as the primary comforter and caregiver.

1. Assessments :
The children of this age group need to learn to be good communicators
2. Learning Periphery :
With in 10 meters of the home.
3. Best Learning Activities :
Physical Free Play , Music , Outdoor Trips , Talking to him, Water games, Eating , Observing